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Okay, I admit it… I’m a hopeless, joyful romantic who absolutely LOVES weddings! For me, photographing a wedding is recording history in the making, as two people celebrate a thrilling new chapter in their epic love story!  As an artist, nothing is more gratifying than capturing those fabulous first married moments in stunning portraits, gorgeous family images, and priceless candids that make your wedding "yours!”


Sadly, far too many wedding photographs are stiff, contrived and artificial.  The truth is that many people feel awkward in front of the camera… myself included.  Call me crazy, but I think being photographed should be FUN.  That’s the difference between average wedding shots and AMAZING photography that people will still look back on year after year.


I’m soooo grateful to my clients for their many referrals, which is also why my calendar books up quickly.  So please do contact me before your preferred wedding date is filled.  Let’s chat about your beautiful wedding and engagement photos. 


PS:  In case you’re wondering about me.  I’m fun and passionate about what I do.  And I’ll spend most of our time together shrieking with excitement over the magic we’re making… YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

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Growing up in a small town in England, I could never have imagined that one day I would become a professional wedding photographer living in Phoenix, Arizona. Looking back, however, I don’t know what took me so long.  After all, I LOVE weddings… photography… romance stories…  party planning.  But it wasn’t until I was planning my own wedding that it finally dawned on me that wedding photography might be the perfect career for me.


After marrying the love of my life, Billy, I got serious about the subject.  I honed my skills, took classes, purchased equipment and tiptoed in by doing engagement shoots here and there.  People loved my work, which was great.  They also wanted me to photograph their weddings, which was S-C-A-R-E-Y!  I wondered if I was ready. Turned out I was. Fast-forward a handful of years, and I absolutely love what I’m doing.

I adore my adopted AZ with its incredible sunsets, endless location possibilities, and above all, all of the amazing clients who have become wonderful friends.  


And here’s a little more insight about me. I love wearing red wellies while dancing in the rain, antique shopping, chocolate, coffee and ANYTHING coconut flavored. I’m also an avid vintage Pyrex collector.  Yes, that’s really a “thing.”  Finally, I love movies, especially if I’m watching from the best seat in the house – our bed.


Enough about me, I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind for your wedding, event or photo session!  Call 623-698-6436 or email Laurahornerphotography@gmail.com

1. Authentic, Natural, Real: 

All too often, wedding photos look staged, awkward and artificial.  Most people HATE being posed and repeatedly told to smile – and it shows. That’s why you’ll NEVER hear my say, “Smile!”  Photography is my art, but my gift is quickly putting my wedding couples at ease.   More than just “posing,” we’ll play games, chat and interact.   In the process, I’ll be catching those warm smiles, giggles, and joyful, loving looks.  Those are the natural, and genuine moments I love – and so will you!

2. Timing Is Everything: 

There’s nothing more stressful than watching your wedding photographer scrambling for last second group pictures even as guests are leaving.  Yikes!  Or worse, NEVER getting all of the pictures promised to you.  Pre-planning is key to getting fabulous wedding pictures.  That’s why I take the time to fully understand a couple’s vision – and partner with them to develop a seamless, unobtrusive photographic timeline.  After all, people are there to share your joyful event – NOT be distracted by disruptive photo sessions.  I can guarantee that there will be enough time to get all of the images you want – and still enjoy the day!

3. Story Telling Through My Lens:  

As a hopeless romantic, I approach your big day as a glorious chapter in an epic love story – your love story.  My photography is all about story telling in a refreshingly authentic, organic, and fun way that frees people up to be themselves.   That’s what produces unforgettable wedding photos, stunning family portraits, engaging group images… and those wonderful little candid moments that everybody loves. 

My three secrets to fabulous wedding photography